Martial Arts and the Benefits For Children with ASD

  Martial Arts, even though not considered a "sport", provides many physical benefits for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is said that children with ASD have difficulties with social interaction and communication with peers within a social setting. Some children may also display "obsessive" repetitive words, phrases and movements. However, you may think "well Martial Arts involves repetitive sequences and movements, how is that helpful?" Martial Arts provides many benefits for children with ASD…

Ad Council and Autism Speaks Launch “The World of Autism” PSA Autism Speaks, Ad Council and BBDO have united to create a series of Public Service Announcements designed to help parents recognize signs of Autism and take action. The PSA was inspired by real stories from children with ASD told from the child's perspective using 3D and stop-motion animation. These new PSA's are an extension of BBDO's campaign "Learn the Signs", which has taught many parents to recognize early signs of Autism. For more information…

Pedal On! Benefits Of Learning How To Ride A Bike

For any child learning how to ride a bike is a struggle, and can definitely be stressful for both the child and the parent. There are so many great benefits for learning how to ride a bike but for children on the spectrum it can be very hard to learn. However, here are some great reasons to get your children excited to learn how to ride a bike. Keeping Kids Active For many children with…

Our Monday Inspiration – Logan Pickett’s Memorable Moment On The Field

Heritage High School Senior, Logan Pickett, 18, is an inspiration not only in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia but around the country as his performance on and off the football field has made headlines. As reported by 13 WMAZ News, Logan is the Heritage Football Team Manger, known for his catch phrase "Let me hear you" as he cheers on his teammates, and gets the crowd on their feet. Last week, Heritage Football Coach E.K. Slaughter…

Why Track & Field Can Be Good For Autistic Children

As we all know staying active is extremely healthy for all children. It helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle and establishes a routine. For children with Autism is may be a little difficult to enroll them into team sports, especially if it involves constant social interaction and communication with teammates. However, there are many sports that are great for children that keep them active with less communication needed. One sport is Track and Field.  Keeps…

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