Pedal On! Benefits Of Learning How To Ride A Bike

For any child learning how to ride a bike is a struggle, and can definitely be stressful for both the child and the parent. There are so many great benefits for learning how to ride a bike but for children on the spectrum it can be very hard to learn. However, here are some great reasons to get your children excited to learn how to ride a bike.

Keeping Kids Active
For many children with Autism exercising is not as simple as it is for many other children. Children with Autism tend to struggle with their weight because of many different reasons but implementing a healthy and fun way for them to exercise is key. Bike riding works on your core and leg muscles to maintain balance and stability of the bike.

Family Fun
Bike riding is a great way to incorporate the entire family into maintaining a healthy life style. While bike riding is great exercise, it is also a great way for a family to bond and build strong relationships. It is also a great way to relieve stress.

Gross Motor Skills and Sensory Benefits
Bike riding is not just about working your core and leg muscles but it is also beneficial for working out your brain. It helps improve gross motor skills by working on coordination, endurance and strengthening. Bike riding also helps with full body sensory awareness along with visual stimulation. It also helps children with their attention and focusing on the task given to them.

Children that learn how to ride a bike also practice on their communication skills along with their social skills. In addition, bike riding also helps children boost self confidence because they have accomplished and learned how to do something they did not know how to do before. It is a great way to help children build self confidence and create a bond with the person teaching them how to ride a bike.

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