Martial Arts and the Benefits For Children with ASD


Martial Arts, even though not considered a “sport”, provides many physical benefits for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is said that children with ASD have difficulties with social interaction and communication with peers within a social setting. Some children may also display “obsessive” repetitive words, phrases and movements. However, you may think “well Martial Arts involves repetitive sequences and movements, how is that helpful?” Martial Arts provides many benefits for children with ASD by;

  • Assisting with improvement of concentration. During Martial Arts training, children will practice paying attention to the instructor throughout the class. This helps improve concentration outside of Martial Arts.
  • Repetitive movements and sequences may help decrease “obsessive” repetitive behaviors, disruptive behaviors and harmful behaviors.
  • It also helps children release energy and tension that will help decrease disruptive behaviors.
  • Martial Arts helps teach children about body movement and control, which in returns helps with motor skills, improves core strength and decreases unhealthy weight gain.
  • Martial Arts also helps boost self-esteem and confidence in children.
Martial Arts provides therapeutic rewards for children. It helps children feel that they learn something new every class at their own pace, and that they also feel like part of a group. At Be The Best Sport, we provide a combination of Martial Arts, Fitness, Kickboxing and Anti-Bullying classes for children of all ages. We feel that Martial Arts is a great activity for children and helps in many ways. For more information about our classes click here.


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