Improving Special Needs Children’s Social Skills and Communication

Social and communication skills are vital for everyone to learn as they grow, but such skills can be especially challenging to master for children and adults with special needs. By giving them a helping hand, they will make relational connections with lessening difficulty and meet others with the same interests and opinions as themselves. Teaching Social Communication The ability to look people in the eye is key to making them feel they are being paid…

Summer Programs for Children With Special Needs

Special Needs Summer Programs How would your child like to spend his or her summer? Most would enjoy going to camp, no matter age or ability. In fact, there are a wide variety of summer camps and programs designed specifically for special needs individuals--something for everyone from Down’s syndrome and autism to limb loss and cardiac patient. Whether the program you choose focuses on medical recuperation, sports and outdoor events, or learning assistance and tutoring,…

Special Olympics and Basketball

Since 1968 the Special Olympics has grown to include more than 170 countries and over 30 different sports. Evident in the stories of the many athletes, the confidence that training and competing in Special Olympics sports builds often helps those with special needs face challenges and obstacles in their daily lives. In addition, the special Olympics events are an ideal way for volunteer workers, special needs participants, and the families and friends who cheer them…

Mother’s Day with Special Needs Children

There are many activities that special needs children can do with their moms to show their appreciation on Mother’s Day. The objective is to provide an enjoyable time for moms and their children with special needs, to enhance the motor and cognitive skills of the child, and to increase social interaction. You want to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone by taking into consideration safety factors, the child’s abilities, and their interests. The…

Socialization, Recreation, and Sports Programs Help with Autism

As a neurobiological disorder that affects every area of life, autism is associated with lifelong traits that include heavily repetitive behavior, fixed regimens, struggles to communicate, and underdeveloped social skills. While standard behavioral therapies have proven successful in helping reduce the extremities of these traits as well as focusing on expanding mental and emotional skills, studies have shown that by adding socialization/recreation or sports programs, not as a substitute therapy but an additive, children with…

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