Benefits of Individualized Instruction in Sports

Benefits of Individualized Instruction in Sports

We are all used to receiving guidance in our lives: over loudspeakers in airports about terminal changes, from teachers providing directions to students before taking a test, or by skimming the written instructions that come with a new board game. Usually, we don’t stop and think about the fact that these instructions are provided in a format designed to communicate to the majority. This is the case in many sports programs and physical education settings as well: the focus is on the group, and individual attention rarely occurs for any significant length of time. At Be the Best Sport, our goal is to help each participant develop to his or her full ability in self-confidence, motor skills, overall fitness and health, growth in aptitude in any given sport, and success in every area we can influence. One of our core techniques built into each of our programs is individualized instruction that enables each participant to feel motivated, comfortable, and successful.

Individual Support & Motivation

Individualized instruction means our coaches and mentors tailor their teaching strategies based on the interests and ability level of each individual. What motivates and encourages one child may have an entirely different effect on another child. Learning styles vary; one child might pick up a skill by watching, while another child needs to perform the skill steps himself. So we adjust and adapt our instruction on a participant-by-participant basis. This could look like a time of group instruction and then breaking apart into small group interaction times. This could also look like taking each step one-on-one as many times as needed with each child. Because we are working closely with children who have a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional needs, our coaches and mentors get to know each of these children in a unique way and can become some of the biggest cheerleaders your children will ever have (after you, of course!).


Comfortable Development

Our coaches and mentors recognize that any child, especially one with special needs, must feel comfortable when learning new skills and participating in sports settings. We value earning each child’s trust as we work closely, patiently, and encouragingly with each one. By helping children set goals, and then helping them work toward successfully achieving those goals, we get the privilege of watching their confidence and comfort levels increase. We guide group play times so that each child will safely grow more comfortable with the activity and with interacting with others. As the comfort level increases, we can tailor and refine goals to continue helping each child develop to the fullest. Our staff carefully adapts instruction to help each child grow at a comfortable rate.


Successful Group Inclusion

Instruction that is geared to each individual actually means that everyone gets included in successful physical activity and sports experiences. Many children with special needs have been unable to participate in sports programs and physical education prior to enrolling in a program at Be the Best Sport, and sometimes they are apprehensive and afraid of failure. Our approach means that as we work in one-on-one and small group settings, our coaches are learning your child’s strengths, interests, and abilities and adapting instruction to meet his/her unique needs in order to succeed both individually and as part of the group. This means that each child can grow successfully, learning new skills while developing self-confidence as “one of the team.”


Be the Best Sport welcomes participants of all capabilities, and we offer a wide variety of sports and physical activities in which we implement individualized instruction. We make sure that all of our programs are adequately staffed so that each participant can learn and develop every session. Check out the Programs page to learn more about our classes and the current schedule or to register for a program. You can also request a free trial of a class to see if it’s the right fit for your family. We want both you and your child to be comfortable and confident in our programs


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