Self Confidence Equals a Sense of Purpose

  Filling that Sense of Purpose No matter how old or young we are, or what gender, or what we do in life, we all need to have a sense of purpose.  We want to feel as though we matter and that others see something positive in us. We want to belong. It’s no secret that people who have a sense of purpose are healthier both physically and mentally. Why? Because those without a sense…

Special Needs and Anti-Bullying: Part One

Self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth are important areas of development as we grow. They are also areas in which we’ve all experienced difficulty at some point in our lives. Just think of your junior-high years, and you’ll likely recognize what I mean. Many children with special needs, however, struggle with these areas on a regular basis, not just during a few gangly pre-teen years. Add in bullying, which occurs far more often than we usually realize,…

Benefits of Individualized Instruction in Sports

Benefits of Individualized Instruction in Sports We are all used to receiving guidance in our lives: over loudspeakers in airports about terminal changes, from teachers providing directions to students before taking a test, or by skimming the written instructions that come with a new board game. Usually, we don’t stop and think about the fact that these instructions are provided in a format designed to communicate to the majority. This is the case in many…

Special Needs Programs: Positive Impact on Parents

Many blog posts and articles focus on the impressive benefits of physical activity and developmental programs for children who have special needs. It’s helpful to read how these programs are resulting in growth, learning, physical development, and increased self-confidence. But in a family where special needs kids are present, everyone’s life is different and has challenging moments, not just the life of the one with special needs. Parents, in particular, can experience the gamut of…

Top Ten Winter Weekend Activities for Adults and Children with Special Needs

The weekend. This small phrase could evoke relaxing thoughts or overwhelming weariness. The upheaval of the normal schedule for two days can be tricky to navigate for families of special needs individuals, where routine often brings a sense of security and normalcy. To avoid utter boredom, frantic mayhem, or anything in between on the weekend, it’s helpful to find scheduled, supervised, engaging, and fun activities. So far, this all makes sense. But add in the…

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