Mother’s Day with Special Needs Children

There are many activities that special needs children can do with their moms to show their appreciation on Mother’s Day. The objective is to provide an enjoyable time for moms and their children with special needs, to enhance the motor and cognitive skills of the child, and to increase social interaction. You want to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone by taking into consideration safety factors, the child’s abilities, and their interests. The following are suggestions for making a memorable Mother’s Day:

  • Learn a new activity together
  • Play outdoor, board, or video games
  • Construct something from Legos, modeling clay, or play dough
  • Watch a movie and eat snacks
  • Build an inside tent, fort, or outdoor playhouse
  • Make instruments to play music on
  • Read a favorite book or collaborate on your own story
  • Bake Mom’s favorite candy, cake, or cookies and decorate with messages (kid’s choice)
  • Pack a picnic with Mom’s and kid’s favorite foods
  • Have dinner at Mom’s favorite restaurant with no cooking or dishes to clean up
  • Play mini golf or basketball
  • Hike at the park
  • Spend time at the playground or petting zoo
  • Tour a favorite museum
  • Build a fun obstacle course
  • Catch fireflies
  • Color pictures with scented markers
  • Make matching shirts with tie-dye
  • Use chalk to draw on the sidewalk outside
  • Finger-paint art to frame and hang up
  • Make a card including the child’s own personal message
  • Decorate flowers in a pot, picture frames for photographs, or jewelry
  • Plant a garden together with Mom’s favorite flowers
  • Design a memory book–take pictures together and decorate your album
  • Record a video or movie together–sing-along time or just being silly

When choosing your Mother’s Day activities, it’s helpful to ask yourself, “What does my special needs child love to do? What difficulties or discomfort does he or she already face? What skill categories need growth?” The activities can be kept short or simple, especially if overwhelming sensory situations can upset the child with special needs. You can use materials you already have on hand or visit familiar locations. By giving Mom a special day, they’re still accomplishing their goal.

Use Mother’s Day as a learning time to focus on others:

  • Invite Grandmother together to share in your special day
  • Plan a Mother’s Day for someone whose kids aren’t close by to celebrate

Whatever the plans for Mother’s Day, your special needs child will want to know that their efforts are appreciated. Give them high praise and reinforce your pride in their work. Be their support by encouraging confidence and independence and highlighting their achievement.

Be the Best Sport uses recreation and sports to accomplish these same objectives in those with special needs. We believe the best way to foster their growth is through positive reassurance and corroboration through family and friends to help them succeed a little more each time they try. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for moms and special needs kids to enjoy each other’s company and reach new goals together.


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