Track & Field Classes- Age 7 – 18

Our track program provides our athletes with opportunities to experience teamwork, build trust, increase their social skills, increase their physical skills, and experience fun and enjoyment through their achievements. Athletes will learn an array of skills such as form running, start positions, formula racing, long jump, obstacle course, 200 meter run, relays, 4×100 relays, hurdles, shot put, javelin throw, and more! Our trained and professional instructors will provide a safe and informative environment for social interaction and physical activity. In order for the Be the Best Sport track and field program to ensure safety and maximize enjoyment all track and field events will be modified to each child’s special need while their positive efforts are praised. Through the constant encouragement and successful experiences provided by Be the Best Sport track and field program all athletes will gain confidence and self-esteem that will enable them to challenge themselves in the future.



All Be The Best Sport Programs Are Generously Sponsored By The North Shore Autism Circle