Fitness/Kickboxing/Anti-Bullying- Age 12 – 20

This class is designed to enhance and improve general fitness for tweens and teens of all fitness levels.

This boot-camp style work out will include battle ropes, ball slams, light weight training, and core-strengthening exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and agility.

The class format includes a dynamic warm up, bag work, mitt work, foot work exercises, strength training, and a cardiovascular component in a light and fun environment. The sound of a great beat only makes for a great environment promoting FUN and FITNESS.

The instructors are patient and encouraging so that all participants will feel confident and comfortable. Participants will learn goal setting skills, anti-bullying strategies, and nutritional facts.

This class is safe as well as a forum for socialization and self esteem building. Participants will leave this class happy and motivated to come back for more!!

All Be The Best Sport Programs Are Generously Sponsored By The North Shore Autism Circle