Benefits of Rowing For Children With Autism

We all know that Rowing is a great exercise for everyone and any age. Rowing is a sport that not only focuses on building your muscles but it also focuses on building team work and self confidence. Rowing also provides many benefits for children that are on the Autism spectrum. Here are some benefits;

1. Improving Muscle Tone

Rowing is an extensive work out. Many people believe that Rowing is just beneficial for improving upper arm strength but in fact it is a full body workout. When you row, your arms, back and shoulder muscles are engaged but with each pull you are also engaging your core, legs, hips and glutes. Children with Autism tend to not be as active which leads to their muscle tone be less than active children. By participating in Rowing children will be able to work out their muscles while having fun.

2. Losing Weight

As stated above Rowing is not only a great exercise to gain muscle tone but it also helps children lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. By incorporating Rowing into your child’s routine with a balanced diet you will see the benefits. Since Rowing is an extensive full body workout, it helps burn fat and develop muscles. Just a 30 minute workout can show tremendous improvements in weight loss.

3. Helps Improve Social Skills And Confidence 

Rowing is not only an individual sport but can be done in a team or class setting. Joining a Rowing class can help build social skills because children will help each other reach their goals. Children will also feel that they are a crucial part of a team. They will work together to build relationships and help each other reach personal and team goals all while having fun!

Photo: Port Rowing Adaptive Program

There are many great benefits that Rowing and exercise in general have for anyone. Rowing can provide a lot of great benefits for children with autism. The main focus is that everyone has fun!

Because Rowing is such a great work out for children we have implemented a Rowing Program for children ages 12 and up. For more information about the Port Rowing Program please click here.

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