Special Needs Vocation Program


Be The Best Sport Vocation Program

In 2016, Be The Best Sport started a “snack shack” business for our teenage participants. Be The Best Sport partners with local athletic organizations to offer snacks and beverages at sports tournaments, leagues, and weekly sports programs. The “snack shack” is run by Be The Best Sport participants ages 14 and up. Participants learn a variety of business skills such as money counting, inventory management, customer service, social skills, and more! Our goal is to offer weekly vocation classes that will follow a year-long curriculum and teach the participants transferable business skills that can be used by the participants later in life when they apply for real jobs. Skills learned in our program will enable the Be The Best Sport participants to build a resume and feel confident when applying for a position in the workforce.


At age 14, students begin preparing for independence by working with Be The Best Sport coaches to identify strengths and build business skills. Be The Best Sport will help participants by providing weekly classes that teach them important business skills and then implement these newly acquired skills in a real business setting. The Be The Best Sport Snack Shack will allow participants to be trained on-site and will serve as a platform for the Be The Best Sport participants to practice in a real business setting. Utilizing relationships with local sports organizations, Be The Best Sport will sell snacks, drinks, and other items during tournaments and weekly sporting events.  These opportunities expand students’ experiences and provide the community with positive experiences working with skilled, special needs students.


Want your league or tournament to partner with Be The Best Sports Snack Shack? Contact us below and we will set up a meeting to discuss the potential opportunity of working together and helping our participants gain valuable business skills!


Help Be The Best Sport continue to develop its vocation programs and provide more teenagers the opportunity to work and provide valuable services in our local community. Your donations are directed towards program specific expenses such as professional coaches, curriculum development, and other related expenses of our new vocation program.

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